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      Sanitary Vessels
      Sanitary Vessels

      TRUKINGexpanded its capabilities for fabrication of high quality Sanitary vessels forpharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care and food industry, including stanks with varied level of automation to match process requirement. TRUKINGbeing a Technology leader in aseptic processing ensures high quality offabrication complying with strictest of regulatory as GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

        ? Innovative Manhole design with temperature devices and flanges meeting sanitary level.

        ? Excellent coupling of stirrers and unique mixing techniques.

        ? Ultra-fine Plasma cutting machine employed for fabrication.

        ? Automatic welding machines ensures high qualities welds especially on tricky angles.

        ? Excellent vacuum insulation ensures flawless performance.

        ? Electro-polished andsand blast filing for Inner surface with electro polishing on outer surface.

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