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      Aseptic Plastic Packaging Blow Fill-Seal System

      TRUKING has developed advanced aseptic Blow fill seal machine with excellent bottle strength and Minimum material wastage. BFS is a way to form, fill and seal ampoules under aseptic conditions. Being a Technology leader in aseptic processing, TRUKING ensures efficient end products meanwhile complying with strictest regulatory like GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

        ? Machine is capable of handling wide range of containers with capacity ranges from 0.5ml to1 liter. Stable rated output of machine is at 24000 units per hour for 2ml.

        ? Extrusion System has Good stability and tensile strength with product wall thickness control of± 0.02mm;

        ? Highly efficient and accurate dosing system with 30% less energy consumptions.

        ? Customization in Molds as per customer request. Complete turnkey solutions can be offered.

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