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      Reaction Tank, Crystallization Tank
      Stainless Steel Reaction Tank Series

      Stainless steel reaction tank is widely used in the production of medicine, food, chemical industry and liquid crystal, to complete the synthesis, sulfonation, acylation, chlorination, nitrification, saponification, polymerization, evaporation and other processes.

        ? The stainless steel reaction tank is composed of tank body, stirring, jacket and so on.

        ? According to the material situation and the purpose of use, the stirring form is mostly frame type, anchor type, paddle type, etc..

        ? The jacket mostly adopt integrated or half-pipe type, and is mostly filled with steam, thermal oil, cooling water, chilled water, etc..

        ? The tank is also equipped with accessories such as hygienic quick opening manhole, pressuregauge, thermometer, sight glass lamp, safety valve, washer and so on.

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