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      Jul 29, 2020

      Solution Preparation system

      The solution preparation system is composed of customized sanitary containers and facilities, valves, instruments of internationally renowned brands. It has comprehensive functions of fully automatic CIP/SIP, mixing, temperature control, aeration, constant volume, metering, PH adjustment, DO, feeding, discharging, sterilization and filtration of the solution, online integrity detection, etc., meeting the needs of automatic preparation of conventional products such as water injection, powder injection, oral liquid, etc., with stable operation, low residue and high efficiency.


      1. Preparation volume: 1~20000L;

      2. Low-shear magnetic stirring speed: 0~450rpm, stirring control accuracy: ±1%;

      3. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃;

      4. Weighing accuracy: 3‰;

      5. It can be equipped with automatic CIP station or self-circulating cleaning;

      6. Optional feeding hopper, automatic feeding system, hoist system, isolator feeding;

      7. Optional nitrogen aeration and vacuum defoaming functions;

      8. Optional online integrity test function before and after SIP;

      9. Flexible formula management functions, electronic signatures, electronic records and audit trail functions;

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