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      Adhering to concept of “all for customers, for all customers”, and with the mission of“creating value for customers”, TRUKING focuses on building first-class R&D, design, sales, manufacturing, service teams and management, to provide the customers with high efficiency and high-quality products and services.

      Our action

      Project Planning Support

      TRUKING has a series of professional medical design institutes, productresearch institutes, a group of senior scientific research and technicalpersonnel, national-level aseptic pharmaceutical process verification experts,professors, etc., to provide scientific and effective technical planning support to customers' projects.

      Process Assurance Service

      TRUKING launched the overall solution of medical equipment, realizing the full automation and bacterialization of the drug production process,intelligent detection and sorting, as well as computer verification andguarantee, so as to produce products that let the market "restassured".

      Equipment Management Consultation

      TRUKING is committed to meeting customers' demand for maximization ofbenefits, providing a package of equipment management modes, and cooperating with pharmaceutical factories to minimize input and maximize output.

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